Visiting WBC

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 9AM & 11am

Thank you for your interest in joining us on a Sunday at WBC! We would love to have you worship the Lord with us. Here are a few items to make your visit easy and comfortable. 

WBC is situated right on West Rd and is easily accessible from interstate 75. When you turn into the church parking lot there will be parking spots reserved specifically for you. They are on the opposite side of the church from I75 and are clearly marked with "visitor parking" signs. When you park in those spots you will be close to one of the entrances to the church that will take you into the lobby. As you come in there will be church members there to greet you and help you with any questions you may have. For example, if you have small children it can be intimidating to try to find children's ministry on your own. We are here to help!

The auditorium where our worship services are held is right off the lobby. There's no dress code at WBC and people wear anything from shorts to suits and everything in between. The order of our service is intended to reflect the movement of the gospel story each week, and you will be able to follow along easily with a bulletin. Please don't feel obligated to give as the offering plate is passed; that responsibility is for our church members. Our goal is to serve you and help you understand and enjoy the gospel more. We look forward to having you!